September 1st Core System Transition

E-teller will be down from 5:30pm August 30th through 8:00am September 3rd.


Change is never easy. We're here to help you through this change, and feel free to email with any questions you may have. Here is a list of items that will be effected by the Core Transition.

Our online banking service "Account Access" will be completely redesigned. Your username will remain the same, however your password will be reset to be the last four of your social security number and the first two letters of your last name in Capitals. For example, John Smith's password will be XXXXSM. Bill pay will remain unchanged and your current payee's and scheduled payments will continue as if nothing happened. Further down the road ACFCU will re-visit our bill pay program and decide if we can find a more user-friendly program.

All mobile alerts will need to be re-setup. Included in the new online banking system we will have a new design to the way mobile alerts function.

ACFCU receipt format will change slightly. The change is minimal and all information derived from the transaction will still be present on the receipt. Future Receipts are also available to be viewed online through our Online Banking system.

Our statements will be unchanged. Although our core banking system is changing, our vendor who prints the statements remains the same. They have assured us that they will continue to print our statements with the current layout.

All of the ATM's operated by ACFCU will remain functional throughout this conversion. You will always have access to your cash via an ATM.

We are changing several of the forms that you may be accustomed to. Certificates will have a new look, but they will have the same great rates that you have come to trust. With the upgraded system, all of our loan documents will become digital. No more printing a tree's worth of paper for a single loan. New loan documents will also be available to you online through our Online Banking system.


New Additions

Take a picture of your checks with your smart phone, and submit them for deposit without ever leaving the comfort of your home, boat, car, camp trailer or where ever you may be. This service will require your account be in good standing with the Credit Union.


Smart phone users will be happy to know we are adding an app to our lineup. The app will be designed for the Apple IOS system as well as Android phones. The app is currently in development but we are excited to see the final product. We have high expectations for this app, and we know you will love it.



Feel free to email us at and we will update this section with answers to your questions, we will also email you an answer as soon as we can.

FAQ 1: What types of Quicken / Quick Books software will we support going forward?

Answer: We have purchased the Quicken WebConnect Interface along with the Intuit annual licensing for each member.


Thank you from the Board and Staff of Atlantic City Federal Credit Union


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