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Why Gold Bison?

A historically Western symbol, one may think of the bison and have feelings invoked like courage and strength. After all, there’s no larger wildlife in North America than that of the bison. It is representative of freedom, gratitude and the dreams of prosperity settlers had when they first made the journey west.

The gold represents wealth and generosity. We know we are stronger as a community sum than any individual part. In keeping with our mission, our goal is to share our collective wealth to foster a stronger community.

Collectively, the Gold Bison means hope. Hope for strength today and hope for an even better tomorrow for our community members. Gold bison will help them to conquer their dreams with collective support just like the first westerners did years ago. Our community and Gold Bison, together, can reach further than ever before.

Mission: To provide support for children, food insecurity, the military, first responders, and our communities.

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