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Why couples fight over money, and how to prevent it

A recent survey of nearly 1,000 couples who are married, engaged, or in a relationship found nearly 75% said they had gotten mad at their partner because of a financial decision they made without talking about it first.

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Your Credit Score and How You Can Improve It

Maybe you?ve applied for a loan in the past and the loan officer gives you your credit score. It may be high, it may be low, but you?ve probably wondered how exactly is it measured?

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What is Credit Disability Insurance? Do You Need It?

If you?ve ever applied for a loan, there?s a good chance you?ve been asked about adding credit life or credit disability insurance to your loan. Your response? ?No thanks.? In some cases, you don?t need it. But in some cases, it?s worth a second look.

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Prepping for Christmas Chaos

Get prepped for the holiday crazies with our tips.

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