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The Car Dealership: Myth-busted

There are a few occupations that instantly make us think of skeezy men in cheap suits looking to prey on your good nature. You have got lawyers, you have got loan sharks, and then you have got the car salesman. Even with all the balloons, colorful flags, and waving tube men, stepping foot on a car lot can feel less like a trip to the fair and more like a dip in a shark-infested dunk tank. While we are sure there are some honest car salesmen out there, there is a reason car dealerships have a less-than-savory reputation. However, it is not all bad and you don?t have to leave the dealership feeling like you have signed away your life. We are busting five dealership myths that will make your next dealership visit a little less scary.

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Budget Friendly Fall Activities

With the leaves changing colors and that nice cool crisp feeling back in the air, the autumn season has finally arrived! Are you looking for ways to enjoy the fall without falling into debt? Well, get your pumpkin spice, grab a football, and pick up that rake in the garage, because we are about to explore some great ways to enjoy the fall traditions on a budget!

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The Cost of Raising a Child

As inflation continues to wreak havoc on the middle and lower socioeconomic classes, many will feel the sting of rising costs in different areas of their lives. Those with children can attest to this fact, as the statistics show that raising a child can cost upward of $310,000.00 from infancy to age 17. This does not include any higher education costs and works out to be about $18,000.00 per year. We are not going to scare you with this stat and leave you wondering what to do. Here are a few ways you can combat the rising costs of parenthood.

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Smishing is the New Phishing

Look out, there is a new scam in town! Smishing is a scam format that has recently encountered a boost in scammer popularity, and it is surprisingly sneaky. Keep reading to learn more about smishing and how to keep your information safe!

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