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Taking Care Of Yourself: A Safe Investment

72% of Americans admit to being stressed about money. Of that 72%, 22% said they would classify their stress as ?extreme.? Financial stress has been linked to migraines, insomnia, and even cardiovascular disease. Not only can financial stress take a toll on your health, it can also cause you to incur some hefty medical bills. That?s why we want to present you with some ways to unwind, destress, and just take care of yourself. If you aren?t taking care of yourself, how are you going to take care of anything or anyone else?

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How Much Do Your Financial Vices REALLY Cost?

What is one thing you just cannot live without? You know, those little indulgences that help us make it through the day? For some of us, it?s a jolt of caffeine. For others, Netflix and Hulu offer a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Urban Gardening on a Budget

You?ve been scrolling through Pinterest during quarantine and now you?re dying to have your own garden, but you don?t have a yard. If you only have a small area to have plants or vegetables, that doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy your Pinterest-worthy garden. Here?s how you can make the most of your urban, space-saving, garden on a budget.

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Check Yourself Before You Rec (Loan) Yourself

It is fair to say that summer 2020 is shaping up to be?unconventional. We all want to have as much fun as possible, but we also want to stay as safe as possible. It may seem as though your summer fun is quickly becoming summer none, but a solution is in reach. Enter: a recreational vehicle. Whether it be a boat, an RV, or even an ATV, summer excitement is just on the horizon.

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